Recognition of Credits

Recognition, conversion and evaluation of learning outcomes acquired by students in other educational institutions, within the country and abroad, is performed on the basis of previously obtained educational documents.  Documents of overseas universities may be taken into account only after being confirmed by a certificate of recognition. When recalculating the discipline, the positive assessment, which was obtained earlier, is maintained

Requirements for transferring of learning outcomes and determination of academic difference are based on the compatibility of learning outcomes and on equivalence of course content.  The number of ECTS credits awarded by compatible learning outcomes in another institution of higher education or in another SP equates to the number of ECTS credits awarded to the compatible learning outcomes of the relevant SP at KHIM.

The student does not have the right to retake the exams (differential credits) in order to increase the score, which defined in the documents of the previous place of study.
In case of consideration of the document on education of a related profile the Expert commission for carrying out the comparative analysis of the maintenance of the educational program on which the student studied, with the maintenance of the program of the corresponding specialty in
University. Decision on Recognition, conversion of Credits is reflected in the individual initial plan of the student.

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