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Kyiv Medical University is the best private institution of higher education (Ranking-2019), about 3500 students, 500 interns and 3000 students study at the university, 35% are foreign students from 56 countries of the world.

Kyiv Medical University was founded by Valeriy Pokanevich (1950-2012) – Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Director General of the Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine, chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the specialty “National and non-national.

V.V. Pokanevich stood at the beginnings of building a system of human resources in the field of folk and alternative medicine of Ukraine. On his initiative and participation, in 1998, a specialty was launched, the Doctor of Traditional and Alternative Medicine, which was included in the list of medical positions in health care institutions.

In 1992, Pokanevich VV created the Kyiv Medical University, whose work was based on the need to introduce the most effective, scientifically sound methods and means of folk and non-traditional medicine to the complex treatment of diseases in the system of medical institutions of Ukraine. The realization of this concept was reflected in the functioning and development of a new type of higher education institution, the education of which students today is a combination of the principles of classical and folk and non-traditional medicine, as VV had dreamed of. Pokanevich.

The University trains specialists in the field of training 22 “Health” at the faculties: medical in the specialty “Medicine” (222), term of study – 6 years, form of study – full-time, dental faculty in the specialty “Dentistry” (221), term of study – 5 years, full-time education, “Pharmacy. Industrial Pharmacy ”(226), full-time and part-time education, 5 and 5.5 years respectively.

The implementation of the newest educational technologies, improvement of clinical and educational bases, equipping of support departments, improvement of the material and technical base of the University and the comfort of students are about 500 people teaching staff, not counting the administration. Today, the number of graduates is around 4,000. At the University, one in five teachers is a Ph.D., and one in three is a Ph.D.


Introducing useful experiences and creating new ones has always been a hallmark of Kyiv Medical University. In 2017, the idea of ​​creating a geographically segregated unit of the university emerged. The choice fell on the “most student” city of Ukraine – Kharkiv.

It was in Kharkiv, on February 21, 2018, that the Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the Kyiv Medical University was opened. Having opened its doors to students in February this year, the Institute is rapidly gaining momentum, displaying a high level of quality of education and service. In the course of the passing stage of the attitude, we strive to implement as much as possible all the valuable assets that Kyiv University has. To date, there is one faculty at the Institute – the medical one. However, it is planned to open others, such as Dental.

The main objective is to provide high quality theoretical and practical training for professionals using the latest educational techniques and technologies and to organize the educational process within the framework of CorruptionfreeUniversity’s zero tolerance policy. The teaching staff of Kharkiv Institute consists of doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and associate professors who are fluent in English and have experience teaching foreign students.

The Institute’s building is located in the heart of the city – a five-minute walk from Art. of the architect Beketov on a cozy street.

Each classroom is equipped with at least one Plasma Smart TV, which allows the teacher to conduct each class, accompanying the presentation with material, training videos, and more.

We have an extensive video surveillance system that first guarantees the safety of all students, and our friend helps control the quality of educational services.

Each student is provided with textbooks and access to simulation equipment, which gives them the opportunity to practice certain skills without leaving the classroom.

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