Inclusive Approach

KHIM provides an inclusive support and complex support for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses.  Information on special support for students with disabilities and chronic diseases is published on the official website of the Institute.  Inclusive support is the complex process of ensuring equal access to quality higher education to students with disabilities and chronic illnesses by means of organization of their studies according to personally oriented teaching methods taking into account the individuality of such students.  The forms and peculiarities of teaching students with disabilities and chronic illnesses are presented in EPM.

  Teaching and learning support includes:

  • individual plan of study;
  • individual academic calendar;
  • students with disabilities and chronic illnesses are served out of turn.

Necessary computer equipment and additional time to complete the assignments are provided to students with disabilities and chronic illnesses during examinations.

The Main Campus (KHIM Point) and other facilities are accessible for physically challenged and they can be reached with e.g. a wheelchair.  Handicap parking places are provided on campus.

In KHIM Point moving from one floor to another is obstacle-free.  Reception of students with disabilities is held on the ground floor where also the Student Union service office, CSTA, Doctor’s Office, Self-Study Facilities, Admission Office are located. 

In auditoria and other premises, the physically challenged have been taken into consideration, and the acoustics of the lecture halls is good. 

KHIM Urban Space is the backyard of the main building with Active and Recreational (Sport) Zone are located at Downtown of Kharkiv with easy reach from most of the options of public transport. 

Although the needs of the physically challenged were far more thoroughly taken into consideration when the premises were renovated at KHIM Point (e.g. door-opening request buttons and ramps), not all places in Affiliated Hospitals are as easily accessible as in the new premises of the Institute.  Considering that clinical facilities of KHIM are located in the buildings constructed in Soviet Era when standards for accessibility by the physically challenged were different.  In this case, if needed, teaching can be organized in premises that are accessible for everyone.  Meetings with personal whose offices are not easily accessible can be arranged in other premises.

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